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Product Updates version 2.1 is here! version 2.1 is here!

This article describes the changes we have made for version 2.1

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We are very happy to release version 2.1 - This is a big release with many highly requested features and some huge improvments. The main updates include:

Updated styling

We’ve given a lick of paint: a fresh new style for our 2.1 release!

This will be most noticeable to accounts using the default branding as you’ll see a new background image and colour palette. But it will also be noticeable to all accounts as we have made the top of the app transparent, updated the breadcrumbs and tightened up the styling on all pages.

Our aim with this is to make sure we have the slickest, easiest to use app possible. What do you think: Have we improved in this area? Let us know what you think by hitting the support button at the bottom right of any page!

List view super powers!

The biggest update we have in our 2.1 release is with all the list views.

In technical terms, we have switched the table views to grid views. But in non technical terms this means we have a whole load of improvements to the list views:

  • You can double click in any cell or click on the cell’s edit icon to edit the contents of that cell.

  • You can now drag and drop tasks to reorder them.

  • You can drag tasks to change them to sub tasks by dragging from the sub task icon when you hover over any task row.

  • Sub tasks are now displayed by default and can be shown by clicking on the arrow at the left hand side of each task.

  • You can quickly create projects, templates and tasks using the ‘quick create’ row at the top of the list.

  • You can group by multiple fields at once.

  • You can sort within groups and sort by multiple fields at once.

  • You can move the column headers around by dragging them.

  • On the time and payments page you can click the chart button to show a chart with the data from the grid.

  • All data will be fast to load, sort, group and process.

Real-time collaboration

When you edit a project description, task description or note at the same time as other people, all changes will be visible to the other people in real-time. You’ll see the other peoples’ edits along with a cursor showing their name.

So you can now collaborate with people in real-time in all these areas of your account. All changes will be shown as you make them, just like a Google doc.

We’re very excited about this change as it takes another step forward in being a truly collaborative, real-time app for work.

AI Assistant

When you’re in any of your accounts editor areas such as the project description, task description or a note, you can now type /ai to start the new AI Assistant. This is an integration with Open AI’s powerful Chat-GPT so it provides an easy way for you to get AI support with your projects.

When you start the AI Assistant you’ll have a prompt input so you can ask anything. We’ve given you a few starting points in the drop down menu to get you started. Then when you’re done, the AI Assistant will type your answer in real time.

If there are sections you want to edit, then you can highlight a portion of text and use AI Assistant from the ‘convert-to’ menu to edit the highlighted text based on your prompt.

Let us know what you think about this new feature and how you'd like to see this develop in future releases.

Native timer

Having a way to record time has been one of our most highly requested features. And today we are very happy to release our own native timer!

You’ll notice a new button in the header of the app, between the starred pages button and the notification inbox button. When you click this it brings up the “Create New Time Entry” pop up. Here, you’ll have the ability to start a timer as well as add a manual time entry. To start a timer, simply choose a person, project and task and then click “Start Timer”. Any active timers you have will then be shown in a new table below.

You can access all your time entries and start, re-start or stop timers on the master time entries page.

Time on tasks

Allocated and actual time can now be added directly from every task popup. This makes adding and editing your time on tasks super quick and easy.

Simply click the “Add Field” button and choose “Time” to add the time feature to your task. You can then add allocated time to the task and add actual time entries as they happen.

This is a simple feature update that should massively improve the way you work with time on tasks.

Big notes upgrade

We have significantly updated the way notes work. As well as having real-time collaboration enabled within notes as described above you’ll now also notice the following improvements:

  • Notes sidebar lets you move between notes on a project quickly.

  • Privacy settings let you choose the access level for each note, including the ability to allow read-only or edit access for Collaborators.

  • Reference tool in the slash command menu now includes the ability to reference other notes. This makes linking between notes easy.

  • In the “convert-to” menu you now have the ability to convert any highlighted text to a new note.

  • Multiple colours in the text highlight tool.

Custom fields on files, payments & time

We already have custom fields on projects, tasks, people and groups - and we’re extending this to files, payments and time. This means you’ll be able to add any custom field type to files, payments and time. For example, you might want to categorise your files or add a note onto your time entries.

This feature lets you add your own data to each item type you add to your account.


You can now set up webhooks from to your 3rd party apps. This will help you keep your apps in sync with data that’s added/edited/removed from your account.

You can access Webhooks by clicking Options > Integrations from your welcome dashboard. On the webhooks page you can set up endpoints and decide which events you want to send to each endpoint. We have a full log of activity so you can verify all data along the way.

New pricing

We have updated and simplified our pricing. Instead of 3 plans we have just 2 plans; a free plan and a paid plan.

The free plan is very similar to the existing free plan except it has 3 Creator users instead of 5 and it has a limit of 6 tools per project. However it does have 3GB storage instead of 1GB. If you’re on the existing free plan, then you can remain on the plan forever. Or you can switch to the new free plan on the billing page in your account settings.

The new paid plan has everything we have to offer. It has all our new features, as well as double the amount of storage per user (20GB per user instead of 10GB per user). We’ve placed many of our new features on the new paid plan. This means we can keep adding more value for our paid plan users whilst offering a great feature set for free users. If you’re on one of our existing paid plans (Team or Agency) then you can remain on that plan forever and you’ll have access to all features. Alternatively, you can switch to the new paid plan (recommended) by choosing it from the plans page in your account settings. If you’re on a free plan and you’d like a 7 day trial of the paid plan features then hit the support button at the bottom right of any page and we’ll set that up for you right away.

Coming in May 2023

Folders for files

We have an update to the files list page on the way. This will introduce folders, which you can place files inside to keep things neat and organised. Files can be dragged and dropped into folders, and folders can be dragged and dropped inside each other. This will make organising your files much easier.

Document proofing

We have a new tool called “Document Proofing” on the way. This will let you turn any file such as a PDF, video, image or website into a proof that can have comments on it, be annotated and reviewed by your project team. This will give you the power to review and approve files within your account.

Coming in June 2023

Gantt view & task dependencies

We have a new Gantt chart view and task dependencies incoming. This will let you see tasks with dependencies in a gantt chart view. So for instance, if Task A needs to be completed before Task B can start then you’ll be able to set this up as a dependency. You’ll be able to see the critical path and move multiple tasks along at the same time if timescales change.

Public API

Our Public API will let you connect with any other software that has an API. This will mean that you can connect with many other tools you use to pass data in both directions. After we launch our Public API we’ll also progress with connecting with more popular apps and iPaas services such as Make and Pabbly.

Let us know your thoughts!

At we’re on a mission to create the ultimate project management tool - and we want you to join us on the journey! Every precious word of feedback you provide helps us build a better tool for you to use. So - whether you like the new features, or don’t - or perhaps want to see something we haven’t mentioned - please do let us know!

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