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This article describes what's happened when embeds refused to connect or display a grey screen.
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When you embed other tools inside your Project.co account this is done using an iFrame. This is a reliable method of posting content inside a website. However sometimes there can be issues.

See a few common issue below. If you're having a different issue please get in touch with us using the support chat and we'd be happy to help.

Preview shows strange page layout

The preview is a small render of the website you are embedding. If you see layout issues this is most likely because of the extremely small size of the preview. When the embed is added it will be displayed at full size.

"Refused to connect" or Grey screen error

Most sites can be rendered in an iframe inside another web page. However, some websites specify that they don't want this to happen in their code. This is done using the X-Frame-Options header. See more about this here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/X-Frame-Options

If this is the case then you'll see a grey page and it may also say "Refused to connect" or something similar. Unfortunately we can't do anything about this as the site you're trying to embed has asked not to allow itself to be embedded in an iframe.

In this instance, we do have other embed options that embed tools in different ways so instead of choosing "Embed anything by URL" you can choose a tool type specifically. Or if the tool you want to embed isn't listed then shoot us a message on the support chat and we will try to add it in future.

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