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How to use a custom domain
How to use a custom domain

This article describes how to use a custom domain for your account.

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To use a custom domain you need to be on the Agency plan. This plan includes rebranding and use of a custom domain to access your account.

All accounts are accessed using a subdomain. This typically looks something like this: (where "account" is your accounts subdomain)

However, with a custom domain you can use your own domain to access your account. So you could access your account from:


This is great for maintaining your brand and company name in the URL. So people who access your account will do it from your domain and not a domain.

How to set a custom domain up

To define your custom domain settings click on the "Options" button from your welcome page and then 'Account Settings":

Then click on "Custom Domain". The page will then look like this:

To define your custom domain you need to enter the URL you want to access your account from. You must own this domain. And you must add it without the http:// or https://

So for this example I'm going to add the domain:

When you click "Save" you will be shown the DNS settings you need to use to complete the custom domain setup:

Note: You will be given instructions for a CNAME for all domains except the root. If you want to access your account from a root domain then you will be given instructions for an A-Record instead of a CNAME.

Follow the instructions that appear after you have specified your custom domain on your custom domain page to add your DNS record. In the example below I am using Amazon Web Services Route 53 but other DNS record providers have a very similar process. You need to use the service that hosts your DNS records to set your custom domain up.

Copy the name to the DNS record name. Set the type as specified. And set the value to - This will look similar to the below:

Save the record in your DNS. It may now take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for your custom domain to propogate. One this process is complete your domain will be accessable from both your subdomain URL and also the new custom domain you have specified.

If you use Cloudflare

If you use Cloudflare then please set your Proxy Status to DNS Only and not Proxied. Setting to DNS Only will ensure maxium compatibility.

How long does it take?

Propagation of a custom domain can take anywhere from minutes to hours. Please give it time if it's not accessable right away. If your domain is not accessable by the next day then double check the details you have entered. If you have any issues then click the support button in the bottom right corner of any page to contact us. We're happy to help.

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