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Connecting with 5,000+ other apps using Zapier
Connecting with 5,000+ other apps using Zapier

This article describes how to connect with 5,000+ other apps using Zapier.

Updated over a week ago has a detailed Zapier integration that lets you connect your account with the other tools you already use through Zapier.

You can either use as the trigger side of your Zap when things like this happen:

  • New Group

  • New Project

  • New Task

  • New User

  • Updated Project

  • Updated Task

Or you can use as the action side of your Zap to create new things in such as:

  • Create Group

  • Create Project

  • Create Comment on Project

  • Create Task

  • Create Comment on Task

  • Create User

  • Update Project

  • Update Task

This gives you a lot of flexibility to automate the way you use and the other tools you already use.

Getting started with Zapier

From the welcome page of your account click on the "Options" button and then choose "Integrations" from the menu. Note: You need to have a "Creator Admin" role to do this.

Then click on the "Zapier" box.

From the next page you can either explore apps to connect with using the search input. Or you can select a pre-defined template from lower down the page.

From there you can either create a new Zapier account if you don't already have one. Or you can customise and manage your Zaps from within Zapier.

If you have any questions about this please hit the purple chat button in the bottom right hand corner of any page and we'd be happy to help.

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