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There are 2 ways to get to the "Create New Project" page:

Click on "Project" from the "+ Create New" button at the top right of every page:

Or, click on the "New Project" button at the top left of any of the project views:

When you do this you will be taken to the "Create New Project" page:

Whn you land on this page the form shows blank but if you have previously created a template then you can click the "click here to start with a template" link to start with a template:

If you do this then the form will be pre-populated with data from the template. This acts as a great starting point for new projects. However for this article we're going to continue with the blank form.


Firstly, you can add a "Photo/Icon". This lets you specify an image for the project, and we give you a range of options:

  • Group - This lets you choose the image of an existing group. This can be great if you want to indicate which group a project belongs to visually.

  • Upload - This lets you upload an image. It's best to upload square images for this option.

  • Emoji - This lets you choose an emoji from our emoji picker.

  • Unsplash - This letsa you choose an image from Unsplash.

  • Homepage - This lets you enter a company website address. When you do we'll pull their logo from their website. This is a great way to get a company logo without having to scour the web and upload one manually.

  • URL - This lets you specify the URL of an image that lives online or is stored in the cloud. Just make sure we have permission to access it at the URL you specify.


Next you need to name your project. Simple as that 😄


Then you have a box to specify the details of the project. This information will show on the project dashboard so it can be easily accessed by the other people who are collaborating on the project with you.


This lets you specify the privacy of the project. You have the following options:

  • Account - Visible to all creators & invited collaborators - Projects with this privacy setting will be visible to all creators (in the ALL filter setting on project views) and any collaborators that you specifically invite to the project.

  • Project - Only visible to people who are invited to the project - Projects with this privacy setting willonly show to people if they have been specifically invited to the project and show on the people page of the project.

  • Private - Only visible to me - Projects with this privacy setting will only be visible to you, in any circumstance.


This lets you choose from one of your defined project statuses. See the article:

Once created your project will show in all project views.

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