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Custom Fields (Project Level)
Custom Fields (Project Level)

This article describes how to create and manage project level custom fields.

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Custom fields let you collect the data you want to collect on various entities within This enables you to use your account to collect the right data for your business needs.

Project Level custom felds can be created on the following entities:

  • Tasks

We have 2 levels of custom field. This article is to discuss the Project Level custom fields but we also have Account Level custom fields as well. See the article: Custom Fields (Account Level)

Project Level custom fields will only show on entities within the current project. They are created at the project level and only apply to items within that project. So if you create a project level custom field for tasks then it will show on all tasks within that project only. This is a great way to collect data that's needed for that project only. For example, projects that don't fit the normal process or projects where you need to collect more data or follow a different workflow.

The Custom Fields page can be accessed in 2 ways:

Firstly by going to the "Options" button on the project dashboard. Here you can click on "Custom Fields":

Or secondly, you can access custom fields by clicking on the "+" icon in the 2nd to last column on the tasks list view:

If you go to the Custom Fields page then you can click on "+ New Custom Field" or if you click on the "+" icon in the 2nd to last column on the tasks list view then the new custom field pop up shows automatically:

To create a new custom field you need to specify the following information:

  • Name - This is a text field so you can name your custom field.

  • Type - This lets you specify the type of custom field you want to create. The type of field will largely depend on what type of data you want to collect and how you want this to be displayed and used within your account. You can choose from:

    • Text

    • Textarea

    • Numeric

    • Currency

    • Percent

    • Select

    • Select-Color

    • Multiselect

  • Required - If you check this then providing a value for this field will be required when people submit the "Create Task" or "edit Task" forms. This is a great way to make sure this field has a value at all times.

  • Allow filter by - This will mean this field will also show in the filter so you can filter your views by this field.

When you have created a custom field it will show in the table below:

It will also automatically show in all task views so you can see the data that's been entered for this custom field. It will also show on the "Create Task" or "edit Task" forms so you can create data for this field.

Once a custom field has been created you have 3 options to choose from in the "Options" button:

  • Edit - This will open the "Edit Custom Field" pop up so you can edit the settings for your custom field.

  • Disable - This will disable your custom field so it doesn't show anywhere in your account. It doesn't delete the custom field or any of it's data, it will just prevent it from showing anywhere in your account. You can restore the custom field as and when you are ready.

  • Delete - This will delete the custom field and all of it's data.

Also, see the article: Custom Fields (Account Level)

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