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Task Status (Account Level)
Task Status (Account Level)

This article describes how to create and manage account level task statuses.

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The Task Status page can be accessed by going to the "Options" button from your main dashboard page. Click on "Account Settings":

And then by clicking on "Task Status":

Once on the page you will be able to see your current task statuses:

These are all account level task statuses which means that all tasks will have one of these statuses.

All new tasks start at "Active" and can be changed to another status as needed.

To add a new task status click on the "+ New Task Status" button. You will then see a pop up:

Enter a name and choose a colour for your task status.

It will then show in the list. You can reorder the statuses by dragging and dropping them using the drag handles at the left hand side. This determines what order the statuses will show in any dropdown menus and the kanban view.

You can edit an existing status or remove it altogether by clicking on the "Options" button at the right hand side:

Note: The "Active" and "Completed" status can't be removed as they are required Open and Closed statuses. You can however edit the "Active" status name and colour if you would prefer it to be named and coloured differently.

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