Plans & Billing

This article describes how to manage your plan & billing from within your account settings.

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The plans & billing page can be accessed by going to the "Options" button from your main dashboard page:

And then by clicking on "Plans & Billing":

Once on the Plans & Billing page you will be able to choose a plan.

Currently, we have a free plan for up to 1 Creator user. You can access this plan by using the code: MEFORFREE (or MEFORFREEAN if you choose an annual plan) after you click on the "Edit Plan" button.

We also have a paid plan for anyone wanting more than 1 Creator user. This costs $10 per creator user monthly or $100 per creator user annually. Please bear in mind that Collaborator users are always free.

To understand which users should have which roles, see more about roles and permissions here >>

The number of users you need to pay for will be determined by 2 factors:

  • How many people have a "Creator" role - These are typically people on your team who manage projects.

  • How much storage do you need? - Each paid user comes with 10GB of shared storage. So your account storage limit will increase by 10GB for each user you pay for.

You can see the number of paid users you have and how much storage you're using at the bottom of the billing page:

When you are ready to upgrade simply click the "Choose Plan" or "Edit Plan" button at the bottom of the page and you'll see a pop up:

On this pop up you can:

  • Define how many paid user seats you need.

  • Enter your payment card details.

  • Enter a promo code if you have one.

  • See what your total amount payable per billing period will be.

When you're done, click to submit.

When you are successfully subscribed you'll see an alert at the top of the page with your Stripe Customer Portal link:

This is where you can download any invoices and update your billing details for future payments.

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