What is a project?
A clear description of what a project is in Project.co V2
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A project is a modular container for a piece of work.

We recommend creating projects for every piece of work you want to track, chat about and manage individually.

For example creating a project for "Q2 Work" might be better separated into "Homepage Explainer Video", "Customer Survey" and "XYZ Brand Partnership" so that you can invite different people to each project, create tasks specific to each project, chat and manage each project separately.

Once created you can invite the right people to each project using the people tool. Firstly add their group on the left side and then choose the people from each group on the right side.

Then, add tools to each project based on what you'll need to get the job done. You might start with tasks, add a note, then a discussion. You can also embed the other tools you use such as videos, Google collaborative docs and more. It's up to you!!

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